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Kysor Warren RXS6L-03RUN Reach-in

Product Details
  • Model: RXS6L-03RUN
  • Type: Reach-In
  • Condition: Like new
  • Width: 96 Inches
  • Depth: 43 Inches
  • Height: 82 Inches
  • Colour: Black
  • Made in America: Yes

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Kysor Warren RXS6L-03RUN Reach-In

A display fridge is very beneficial in increasing the sale of a shopkeeper.360 Refrigeration providing a Commercial Refrigerator in Canada, Toronto.

A display fridge is particularly used for displaying food items to potential buyers, whether it’s in a retail store, supermarket, convenience store or a restaurant or cafeteria.

We are selling kysor warren RXS6L-03RUN Reach-In in Canada, Toronto which is large in size and covered with a glass door. This display fridge is typically shielded from viewers to avoid any form of physical contact with the food to keep it hygienic.

Its KYSOR WARREN product model RXS6L-03RUN and the condition of this refrigerator is like new. The type of the refrigerator is Reach-In. Other features of this Kysor warren product are:

The width and height of the refrigerator are 96 inches (width) and 82 inches (height) with a depth of 43 inches. The color of the refrigerator is black and was made in America.


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