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Bitzer 4T8.2


Product Detail

Technical Data:


Type: 4T-8.2

Displacement: (1450 RPM 50Hz) 39.36 m³ / h
Displacement: (1750 RPM 60Hz) 47.50 m³ / h
No. of cylinder: x boron x stroke 4 x 60 mm x 40 mm
Weight: 138 kg
Max. pressure (LP / HP):
19/28 bar Suction line connection: 35 mm – 1 3/8 ”
Connection discharge line: 28 mm – 1 1/8 ”
Cooling water connection: R 1/2 ”
Oil type R134a / R407C / R404A / R507A / R407A / R407F tc <55 ° C: BSE32 / tc> 55 ° C: BSE55 (Optional)
Oil type R22 (R12 / R502): B5.2 (Standard)
Oil type R290 / R1270: SHC226E (Standard)

Motor Data:

Motor voltage (more on request): 380-420V PW-3-50Hz
Max current current: 17.0 A
Winding ratio: 50/50
Starting current (Rotor locked): 49.0 AY / 81.0 A YY
Max. Power input: 10.3 kW



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Bitzer 4T8.2

The compressor is the major component of the entire air conditioning system, in the process of cooling compressor play a very vital role. By using several methods an air compressor converts power (using an electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine, etc) into potential energy stored in pressurized air. Without a compressor, it is impossible to generate a single gust of cooling.

Bitzer 4T8.2 is an air compressor, it is a brand of bitzer and its model number is 4T8.2. Bitzer 4T8.2 compressor is a best air conditioning compressor in working and quality. It contains a multifunctional specification and following are its specification.

  • The weight of the compressor is 138 kg
  • Displacement of compressor is (1450 RPM 50Hz)36 m³ / h & (1750 RPM 60Hz)47.50 m³ / h
  • Maximum pressure(Lp/Hp) of the compressor is 19/28 bar
  • The motor voltage of compressor (more on demand) is  380-420V PW-3-50Hz
  • Winding ratio of the compressor is 50/50
  • Maximum power input is 10.3 KW
  • Starting current (Rotor locked) of compressor is0 AY / 81.0 A YY

We sell Bitzer 4T8.2 compressor in Canada, Toronto in a very affordable rate of “8000 dollars”, and in good condition. We also provide lift and shift facility for this product.


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