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Bitzer Model 2U32

$450.00 $400.00

Product Detail

Technical Data:


Type: 2U-3.2

Refrigerant: R 404 A

HP: 3

Displacement (m3 / h): 18.60

Weight: 100 kg

Cylinders: 2

kW at -5ºC / + 40ºC: 12.6
kW at -10ºC / + 40ºC: 10.3
kW at -20ºC / + 40ºC: 6.7
kW at -30ºC / + 40ºC: 4.05


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Bitzer Model 2U32

Inside the AC condenser, a compressor is found that makes up the outside unit of your AC system and the role of the compressor is to compress the cool refrigerant that enters it so that the temperature of the refrigerant rises. The cooling process starts when the hot gas leaves the compressor and enters into the condenser. The Ac working depends upon the compressor, condenser coil, evaporator coil, fans, and refrigerant.

Its bitzer product model (2U32). Other specifications of the Bitzer 2U32 are:

  1. Weight of this product is 100 kg
  2. Refrigerant of this product is R 404 A
  3. Horsepower of this bitzer product is 3
  4. KW at -5ºC / + 40ºC: 12.6
    KW at -10ºC / + 40ºC: 10.3
    KW at -20ºC / + 40ºC: 6.7
    kW at -30ºC / + 40ºC:05
  5. Cylinder of this product is 2
  6. Displacement of this product is 18.60

Our company 360 refrigeration selling this commercial compressor in Canada, Toronto in the price of $400.00.


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