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Bitzer 2Q4 Semi Hermetic


Product Details

Technical Data:


Type: 2Q-4

Displacement: (1450 RPM 50Hz) 22.14 m³ / h
Displacement: (1750 RPM 60Hz) 26.72 m³ / h
No. of cylinder: x boron x stroke 2 x 60 mm x 45 mm
Weight: 87 kg
Max. pressure (LP / HP):
19/28 bar Suction line connection: 28 mm – 1 1/8 ”
Connection discharge line: 16 mm – 5/8 ”
Cooling water connection: R 1/2 ”
Oil type: R134a / R407C / R404A / R507A / R407A / R407F tc <55 ° C: BSE32 / tc> 55 ° C: BSE55 (Optional)
Oil type: R22 (R12 / R502) B5.2 (Standard)
Oil type: R290 / R1270 SHC226E (Standard)

Motor Data:

Motor voltage (more on request): 380-420V Y-3-50Hz
Max current current: 11.3 A
Starting current (Rotor locked): 47.0 A
Max. Power input: 6.6 kW



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Bitzer 2Q4 Semi-Hermetic

Air conditioning compressor is essential for the industrial companies they are used such compressors to maintain the temperature of the machines and any such material that radiate energy. Basically, the working of the compressor is to control the temperature.

Components of the air conditioning system are Air conditioning Compressor, Condenser coil, Evaporator coil, Fan, Refrigerant

Bitzer 2Q4 semi Hermetic is the air conditioning compressor, that is the brand of bitzer and its model no is 2Q4. Specification of Bitzer 2Q4 semi Hermetic are; Displacement of compressor is (1450 RPM 50Hz) 22.14 m³ / h & (1750 RPM 60Hz) 26.72 m³ / h, no of cylinder are: x boron x stroke 2 x 60 mm x 45 mm, weight of compressor is 87 kg, Maximum pressure(Lp/Hp) of compressor is 19/28 bar etc.

Other information about the Air conditioning compressor Bitzer 2Q4 semi Hermetic in Canada, Toronto are:

Motor voltage (more on request): 380-420V Y-3-50Hz

Max current current: 11.3 A

This product is just like in new condition with Lift and shift facility also available for this product Bitzer 2Q4 semi Hermetic. Best air conditioning compressor in Canada, Toronto for sale in handsome price just $400.00.


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